• family business

  • over 6000 heat pump solutions

  • highly experienced team

  • flexible solutions

  • we are the only company to offer solutions with spiral collectors

  • the oldest heat pump systems installer in Estonia

  • specializing in large and complex solutions

  • heat pumps are manufactured using ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO 50001

  • exports to various European countries: Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Russia


The aim of Movek Group OÜ is to provide its customers high quality, environmentally sustainable, reliable, comfortable solutions with long-term resource economy ensured by:



We perform works on agreed conditions and for the right time and possibly efficiently and cost effectively.

When we select the suppliers and sub-contractors, we require the certificates about competence which ensure the quality and minimization of environmental impact of performed works/provided services.

To maintain a high level, we use the best technology that is environmentally friendly and energy efficient. We train our employees, subcontractors and partners, ensuring their awareness of our ways of thinking. We ensure the availability of the necessary resources and information to achieve our goals and action plans.



In our work we take all individual expectations of the customers into account and our service must conform to legislation and other requirements.



Our employees are obliged to prevent pollution.

All employees must use natural resources sustainably. If possible, use technological solutions which reduce pollution of environment.



We have carried out a thorough energy review of our production, as a result of which we mostly use two types of energy – electricity and transport fuel, all of which are under constant monitoring. We have set goals, objectives and action plans to improve energy performance.Our production building has passed an energy audit, which has shown that we operate in a low-energy building, ie energy efficiency in the building. We have achieved this primarily through the purposeful management of energy-efficient heat pumps for the heating and hot water supply of a production building.


In our day-to-day operations, we comply with the legal requirements applicable to us and recognized by us, as well as other requirements related to the quality of products and services, environmental protection, energy use, consumption and efficiency.



Company management sets goals for implementing quality and environmental policy and through implementation of the policies ensures continuous improvement of management system. Company’s goal is to promote energy efficient heating and heat control solutions by doing so continuous development work.

The management board of the company approved the corporate quality and environmental policy 25.09.2015.

First approval date was 06.09.2010