Gapsal heat pumps

Manufactured heat pumps in Haapsalu for more than 20 years.
  • Air-water and air-air heat pumps

  • Heat pumps for private houses

  • High capacity heat pumps for production buildings

  • Spiral collectors

  • Projects and consultations

  • Maintenance and repair, including cleaning of heating systems

  • Stock market price monitors

  • Installation kits

Heat pump solutions are one of the ways for achieving the best economy in supplying buildings with heat, hot water and cooling. Heat pump solution is an integral part of a nearly zero-energy building.


We have developed installation kits for heat pumps

from different manufactures.

Compatibility with heat pumps from different manufacturers: Gapsal, Nibe, Thermia, Viessmann



We offer maintenance to all heat pumps


We will analyze and fix heat pump faults at the first chance


heat pumps, air-water heat pumps, floor heating and radiators
ventilation, bore holes, outside collectors (ground and spiral)


Solutions for private houses, industrial buildings and apartment buildings. We write various projects including KREDEX projects and evaluations

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